Cepriano Camosis Dimaculangan III

‘I grew up with limited options; I don’t want this to happen to my own kids.’ Cep         

Cepriano 5

You will not meet a more motivated person in all of Abu Dhabi with a life story that is more interesting than his. Please meet Cepriano Camosis Dimaculengan III – or Cep for short – representing the estimated 90 million people  of the Philippines.

As a father of two, he is a role model for sacrifice and helpfulness. From a trip home to see his children for example, he even made space and carried back a bunch of books for a library that in the end I never set up for his fellow countrywomen in Abu Dhabi. There had not been a single moment of hesitation in his readiness to help. Continue reading




An inch is an inch is an inch. Unknown

Great hair days make us women feel like we could rule the world.


Angela Ralph

Finding the right hairdresser that helps you with this goal not so much, especially when you have just moved to a new city and you are unfamiliar with everything. It literally makes you feel like you have 99 bobby pins, but when you need them, you can’t find A. Single. One. Continue reading

พวงพยอม แสงอรุณ


Phuangphayom, or Ta for short

This person is the only one on this planet that is allowed to ask me, ‘Do you want a facial today?’ and goes unpunished. When my workload gets too heavy, my back tightens up and I desperately need a massage, I to go see this muscle magician! I love her massage so much, I even made a voodoo doll of myself and give it a back-rub every night. Please meet Phuangphayom Saengarun – or Ta for short – Thailand’s best masseuse export to the UAE. Continue reading

Raj Kumar Nepali

Straight roads do not make skilfull drivers. Paul Coelho

Raj Kumar text pic 1Raj Kumar has helped me around the city countless times: ‘I need to go to the blood bank, Raj. Do you know where it is?’ ‘Yes, sure, ma’am.’ Next time: ‘I get released from Khalifa police station around 10 pm, can you come pick me up?’ He is surprised. ‘Again, ma’am?’  Or I call him, ’I have to be at Dubai Airport at 2 in the morning, can you please take me?’ And all he ever replies is, ‘No problem, ma’am!’ Continue reading

Hassan Taizul

Hassan Taizul

Hassan snipped

Hassan Taizul

A Wednesday morning in October 2015. It’s 7 o’clock in the morning. I – totally nervous and ready to lose my mind – arrive at school. Pretty soon, I clap eyes on the only person who can help me now.

Continue reading